Thermo Compressor

Thermo Compressors are jet pumps that are usually used to reduce the loss of low-pressure steam. The popular advantages of Thermo Compressors, as well as Ejectors, are high reliability and low maintenance cost requirement over the plant’s life.


Thermo Compressors are used in a lot of industrial processes that are mostly carried out within vacuum condition – such as evaporation, distillation, cooling, crystallization, deodorization, degassing, drying, and so on.

Thermo Compressors are also used as heating pumps at pressures equal to or higher than the barometric pressure.

Operating Principle

The Thermo Compressors are pumps that mix or compress different fluids of different chemical composition.

Thermo Compressors have no moving parts and operate through the action of a high-pressure stream entraining air and other vapours at a lower pressure into the moving stream, and then by removing them from the process system at an intermediate pressure higher than the suction pressure (but many times lower than the motive steam pressure).

The mains components of the Thermo Compressors are:

  • The nozzle
  • The suction and mixing chamber
  • The diffuser



During operation the high-pressure steam enters the steam chest and expands while passing through the steam nozzle, where the pressure decreases while the velocity increases. Then the steam leaves the nozzle and at the nozzle exit the motive steam reaches the maximum velocity and minimum pressure (point 2). With compressible fluids, the velocity is usually many times higher than the local sound velocity.

Air, gas (or vapours), or liquid mixture enter the ejector through the suction nozzle passes into the suction chamber. Here the water vapour or air or other mixture are entrained by high velocity steam.


    • Diverse fields of application
    • High safety operation (no moving parts involved)
    • High Reliability
    • Low manufacturing cost due to the simplicity of design
    • Low maintenance cost

Thermo Compressor for Desalination Plant

Inlet / outlet flanges size: 80” by 80”

Thermo Compressor for Desalination Plant

Inlet / outlet flanges size: 84” by 72″