Vacuum devices productions

More than 70 years experience in steam jet ejector and vacuum systems manufacturing: from the past to the present we can give to our customers a continuous improving of reliability and product efficiency always on the safe side.

Our products have been installed on the biggest and on the most efficient plants in the world.

The best solution for your project.

Our friendly and co-operative relationship with our customers make AB Progetti not only a supplier but a partner in contributing the achievement of the best solutions for the project.

Our reference list includes customers designed vacuum systems for all the kind of plants:


(both MED and MSF plants), where we are the leader, and where we supplied the vacuum systems for the biggest plants in the worlds


environmentally correct, as incinerators plant

Nuclear plants

for urea, ammonia and fertilizers plants

Chemical plants

with different final productions

Steam Jet Ejectors

The steam jet ejectors are pumps that mix or compress many different fluids.

Vacuum Systems

Ejectors are utilized in series or in parallel to operate in a very large range of conditions.

Gland Condensers

Small heat exchanger used to condense the steam that leaks past the first section of seals on the shaft of a steam turbine.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are static machine to condensate vapors and steam by using a cooling fluid flow.

Liquid Ejectors

The Liquid ejector system is different from traditional steam ejector systems because its motive fluid is a liquid rather than steam. 

Thermo Compressor

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